History of the Palo Verde Republican Women Club

pvrw historyPalo Verde Republican Women was chartered in January 1974 under the guidance of Mrs. Joan Wood who was elected our first President. Most of the charter members had been a part of Scottsdale Republican Women, one of the most active groups in the state. Because of many concerns of membership, the Scottsdale Club withdrew from the Federation. Joan Wood and a group of followers who wished to remain in the Federation formed Palo Verde.  From the very beginning, Palo Verde established itself as a very vigorous and active Club, and has remained so throughout the years.  We educate our members through the programs presented at our monthly meetings, through the monthly newsletter, and by attending AZFRW quarterly meetings.  We are still a very involved and energetic group of Republican women who strive to educate our membership and to elect Republicans to office.

Palo Verde Republican Women

PVRW provides the avenue for women to influence policy, develop candidates, and elect the leaders of Arizona. We are a multi-generational, multicultural organization that provides the structure and support for political activists to learn, engage, and flourish.

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