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OCTOBER 19, 2022





John Kavanagh (Candidate for AZ State Senate-LD3)

John Kavanagh is a twenty-nine-year resident of District 3. He and his wife, former Fountain Hills mayor Linda Kavanagh, have been married for 47 years and have two sons, Jonathan and Nicholas. Kavanagh was a full-time Professor of Criminal Justice at Scottsdale Community College and recently retired as Director of the College’s Administration of Justice Studies and Forensic Science Programs. He now teaches there as an Adjunct Professor. Prior to teaching at Scottsdale Community College, John taught at Arizona State University and served 20 years as a police officer with the New York Port Authority and New Jersey Police Department, retiring as a detective sergeant. He is also a military veteran. John served twelve years in the Arizona House of Representatives, four years in the Arizona Senate, six years as a town councilman in Fountain Hills, and three years on the Lafayette, New Jersey town council. He is a citizen-legislator, not a career politician. Except for the three years since his retirement from Scottsdale Community College, John has always worked full-time, either as a police officer or professor while serving on town councils and in the legislature. He was awarded a BA from NYU, a master's degree from St. John's University New York, and a Ph.D. in Criminal Justice from Rutgers University. Kavanagh has been honored with the "Legislator of the Year" award from the Arizona Department of the American Legion for his commitment to veterans. He has also been named "Legislator of the Year" three times by the Humane Society of the United States and endorsed for the past nine years by the Humane Voters of Arizona, the only Arizona organization that publishes voting records on bills affecting animals. He is the chief sponsor of animal protection legislation in Arizona, including allowing people to break into overheated cars without liability to rescue kids and pets, along with recently increasing the penalty for extreme cruelty to animals.



Nancy Barto (Candidate for AZ State Senate-LD4)

Nancy Barto and her husband, Joe, grew up in the valley and have three grown daughters and three grandchildren. Nancy is running for the State Senate in the new District 4, which includes North Phoenix, Scottsdale, The Town of Paradise Valley, and Arcadia. During her service in the Arizona Legislature, Senator Barto continues to be a relentless advocate for families, and the vulnerable and against government overreach – especially in the health care space. Nancy has fought for affordable health care options, and our fundamental medical freedoms and has been a champion for the unborn, elderly, and individuals with disabilities. Nancy also shepherded important property tax reforms into law and has been a voice for reform and accountability in Arizona's foster care, corrections, and behavioral health systems. She serves on the Education and Judiciary Committees and as Chairwoman of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee. She looks forward to serving the great people of her community.



Joseph Chaplik (Candidate for AZ House-LD3)

Representative Joseph Chaplik is running for a second term in the Arizona House. In his first year in office, he has proven to be an effective leader with 100% of his sponsored bills being signed into law by Gov. Doug Ducey. He has been on the front lines fighting for low taxes, limited government, ending illegal immigration, educational and medical freedom, and working every day to keep Arizona a safe and prosperous place to live. He is also a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment and a pro-life advocate. Along with representing the people of Scottsdale, he has had a successful career in telecommunications and leads a commercial real estate company across three states. He also remains involved in our local community by supporting many charitable organizations and has served on several boards in the non-profit sector, law enforcement, and children’s foundations, including the U.S. Marshals Posse and the Sheriff’s Office Memorial Fund.



Alex Kolodin (Candidate for AZ House-LD3)

Mr. Kolodin graduated, cum laude, from Georgetown University and the University of Pennsylvania Law School, where he was a Dean’s Fellow. He is now a partner at Davillier Law Group LLC and the head of its Phoenix office. He also serves as co-counsel to the Arizona Republican Party and is part of the core national legal team for the Guardian Defense Fund, an organization dedicated to protecting election integrity and freedom of speech. Over the years, Mr. Kolodin has served as lead counsel in a variety of high-profile political matters. In 2014, he litigated and prevailed in one of the first cases establishing that metadata stored on election tabulator computers is a public record under Arizona law. More recently, Mr. Kolodin won what is perhaps the seminal election case of the past decade. In Arizona Public Integrity Alliance v. Fontes, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled that every Arizona voter has the standing to challenge violations of election law by public officials and abolished the balancing test for preliminary injunctive relief in such cases. Mr. Kolodin also represented President Trump’s full slate of Arizona electors in their certification challenge Bowyer v. Ducey. On the other side of the coin, Mr. Kolodin successfully defended the lead contractor of the Arizona Senate’s election audit from attempts to obtain a preliminary injunction. And most recently, Mr. Kolodin lead the legal team that successfully sought to have the legislation doing away with elected precinct committeemen declared unconstitutional. In addition to his political practice, Mr. Kolodin also practices in the field of commercial litigation.



Maria Syms (Candidate for AZ House-LD4)

Maria Syms has called Arizona her home for more than 20 years. The mother of three children, Syms cares deeply about making Arizona better for current and future generations. Her career as a State Representative for LD28, Assistant Attorney General, Assistant United States Attorney, Paradise Valley Town Councilwoman, and private attorney demonstrates her hard work and advocacy for opportunities that will make Arizona a leader in job growth, education, and security for our families now and in the future. Syms is a fighter for the conservative values that matter for Arizona families – strong border security, educational choice, lower taxes and regulations, and safer communities. Syms's signature legislation helped victims of sexual abuse and assault, lowered prescription drug costs for hardworking Arizonans, provided support to veterans seeking to transition to the civilian workforce, and protected small businesses from predatory lawyers pursuing frivolous lawsuits. Syms is a problem solver who is ready to return to the State House to give Arizonans a voice in the issues that matter most to them.



Barry Graham (Candidate for Scottsdale City Council)

Barry is a lifelong Scottsdale resident. He holds a master’s degree in accounting and now works for one of the state’s most prestigious accounting firms. He was on the Scottsdale Planning Commission where he voted against out-of-control development, including thousands of apartments they want to build at 92nd and Shea and the Greenbelt 88 project. He has also spent the last 10 years on boards and commissions dealing with the most critical city issues, and he understands how the city and development work. He has proven with his votes that he respects citizens’ concerns.



Pamela Carter (Candidate for Scottsdale City Council)

Pamela is a native of Arizona and grew up in the Scottsdale area. Her family has owned real estate in AZ for generations. She loves the Latina heritage of her maternal grandmother and has fond memories of her homemade tortillas. Her father was in the Air force, a real estate broker, and a business owner in AZ. She believes strongly in fiscal responsibility, having owned her first home in her early twenties. She has an earned master’s degree in Mass Communications and Biblical theology. Her first business venture was a sports medicine facility in Scottsdale, becoming the first and largest in the nation in training professional athletes, women, and rehabilitation of sports injuries from national teams to celebrities. She continued her career as an on-air host of her television show “Get in Shape with Pamela Carter” - using her vibrant personality, love of weight training, and Christian faith to join with the faith community in health and nutrition. She was also the station manager of KPAZ TV and became a producer and director of her shows and programming for various networks nationwide. Her volunteer work led her to the Board of Directors for Help4Kidz, a Nationally recognized non-profit reaching at-risk youth and families with several Presidential awards. She began the first Faith Ambassadors program in 2020 for the Presidential election and has participated in volunteerism for several election cycles, standing strong on her Christian principles for freedom for the people of this nation. "I love Scottsdale and I will fight to preserve the integrity and history of its rich Western heritage and ensure that our citizens and legal residents are a top priority. I will be your voice on the City Council to protect your homes and property values from high-density multi-family apartments blocking our views and creating undesirable height codes to keep our residential areas safe. Fiscal responsibility, Public Safety, and helping local businesses will be my focus."



Matt Gress (Candidate for AZ House-LD4)

Matt is a former public school teacher, school board member, and an active member of the local community. He is passionate about public service and solving problems. As our state representative, Matt will work with both sides – Republicans and Democrats – to find solutions to issues such as reducing the cost of living, increasing teacher pay, reducing crime, and addressing Arizona’s water crisis. Matt worked his way through college driving school buses and became the first in his family to earn a degree. While attending the University of Oklahoma, he was selected for the distinguished Harry S. Truman Scholarship — awarded to only one college student in each state who possesses leadership potential and a call to public service. After graduating, Matt taught high school English and was accepted to join Teach for America, a national teaching corps focused on serving in high-need, high-poverty schools. Matt is a budget hawk. He holds a master’s in public administration, with a focus on state and local government finance and public management, from Syracuse University. Here in Arizona, Matt has served as a faculty associate at Arizona State University and as a budget analyst at the Arizona State Capitol, learning exactly where our tax dollars go. Currently, he serves as the state’s top budget chief in the Arizona Governor’s Office of Strategic Planning and Budgeting. There, he has authored budgets directing billions of new dollars toward K-12 education and teachers. Matt also has experience in energy, water, and technology policy, previously serving as an advisor at the Arizona Corporation Commission, where he worked on issues related to expanding broadband, lowering energy rates, reducing regulations on small businesses, and enhancing the stability of our power grid. Matt, along with his partner Daniel, is proud to call Arizona and District 4 his home. He's an avid volunteer in the community and plans to focus in the Legislature on solutions that can bring both sides together.

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